Immunization Schedule




Immunization Schedule

The important determinants behind the National immunization scheduling in India are:-

  1. Vaccines need to be administered in cycles of doses and schedules that produce an adequate immunological response in the recipient.
  2. The schedule needs to be administratively and logistically implementable.
  3. The schedule needs to adopt acceptable strategies to enhance compliance and uptake by the target population.

Table of Contents

National immunisation schedule for Pregnant women

Vaccinations at birth under National Immunization Schedule

Vaccines administered at 6,10 & 14 weeks

Vaccines Administered at 6 & 14 weeks


Vaccines administered at 6,10 & 14 weeks – OPR

Vaccines administered at 6 and 14 weeks – IP

Try remembering an army Operation against IP Man.

Vaccines given at 09-12 months


Vaccinations administered at 9 to 12 month

Try remembering am infant eating JAM by himself

1 Booster administered at 9 is of P |

9 – P

i.e  Booster Pneumococcal Vaccine 

Vaccinations due from 16 months


This child is older and wiser by 16 months – Now she can extend her hand and ask for treats 

Remember this 16- 24-month old asking for JAM on her cookie saying :


J – Japanese Encephalitis

A – Vitamin A

M – MR 

D – DPT Booster

O – OPV booster

Vaccinations after 5 years

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