Dimensions & Determinants of Health




The key concepts in community medicine.

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Dimensions of health

Memory aid – story in hindi

  • Kahani dimensions of health ki
    • Sabse pehle physical dimension mein aaya bacha (Physical dimension)
    • Phir usne hosh sambhala (Mental dimension)
    • Phir us ne ma baap ko social smile di (Social dimension)
    • bache ki smile dekh ke parents ki spirit gad gad ho gayi (Spiritual dimension)
    • mummy to emotional ho gai (Emotional dimension)
    • or papa ko kaam ki tension ho gayi (Vocational dimension)
    • par unke culture bahaut high class tha (Cultural dimension)
    • is liye itna kharch ha gaya ki unhen economic setback lag gaya (Economic dimension)
    • is liye wo road pe aa gaye jahan unka evironmental dimension ka gyaat huya (Environmental dimension)
    • par ab to unke khaane ke bhi laale pad gaye to abhi dono apni aur bache ki nutritional dimension pe focussed hain (Nutritional dimension)

Concepts of health

  • The concept of health has evolved through various perspectives
  • The salient concepts are

    • Biomedical concept

      • Health is viewed as an 'absence of disease'.
      • Based on the germ theory of disease
      • It views the human body as a machine which gets broken down in a disease and needs repair
      • Limitation :
        • Concept found inadequate in solving multiple health problems.
        • This concept is unable to account for many health determinants.
    • Ecological concept

      • Health is viewed as a dynamic equilibrium between man and his environment.
      • Disease is result of disturbance of this equilibrium.
    • Psychological concept

      • health is affected by social, psychological, cultural, economic and political factors
    • Holistic concept

      • All sectors of a society are contributing towards the health condition of an individual.
      • Sectors are the not limited to medicine. Albeit all sectors are directly or indirectly contributing like transportation, communication, water supply, sewage disposal, housing, education, agriculture etc.
      • In summary
        • Holistic concept = Biomedical + Ecological + Psychosocial concepts

Seven determinants of health.

Story for memory – mutaape se pareshaan !!!

  • I was born with a biological predisposition toward obesity (Biological Determinant);
  • I got born because my parents wanted a boy (Gender);
  • I was born in a big hospital (Health system);
  • My father was a salaried person with good social status (Socioeconomic status);
  • He provided a strict environment at home (Environmental determinant);
  • Because of the strictness and bullying of my childhood years, I developed a habit of overeating. (Behavioral determinants);
  • My weight compounded over the years and has made me very obese (Age).

WHO – Q & A on determinants of health.

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